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A little about me...... okay who can really sum up how wonderful they are in a paragraph?  All kidding aside, My name is Kevin J. White.  I appreciate you taking the time to check out my photography.  I am a Louisiana raised Texas transplant and father of two beautiful girls.  I started my photography business in 2008.  


I love being behind the camera and its where I find myself most at peace.  I capture photographs in traditional yet unique style.  My photography covers a wide range of specialties.  Corporate to portraits...  maternity to weddings.... birthday parties to boudoir.  


For me every session, event, or wedding is unique.  My goal is to help my clients discover their hidden beauty.  My focus is on the person or people standing in front of my lens. I strive to deliver stunning portraits giving you the feeling that you've made a solid investment in your family that you will treasure forever. My goal at the end of your session is 100% satisfaction


My business covers all of DFW and beyond.  There is no state or country too far to travel for me to capture your memories.  


A special note to my wedding clients:  When the ceremoy is done , the  marriage certificate is signed, vows have been recited and rings exchanged there is only one thing remaining.   Your photographs.  Make sure your investment is in good hands.


Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime.  I would honor the opportunity to capture all of your special moments. 


Past client testimonials available upon request.  


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